Posted by: Catherine Lugg | September 18, 2010

Christine O’Donnell and praying away teh gay

Rachel Maddow has a great news story on Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell’s (R) involvement with the “Pray Away teh Gay” movement.

Over the last 40 years, as the scientific evidence has conclusively demonstrated that sexual orientation is unchangeable, the Biblical Literalists have increasingly claimed that orientation can be changed through the power of prayer. Obviously, praying in and of itself might be harmless to helpful in some aspects. But these cats tend to prey upon self-loathing queers who are desperate to have their sexual orientation comport with their theological beliefs.  There are decades of data demonstrating that these theological approaches inflict great harm on queer people.

Increasingly, the “Pray Away teh Gay” crowd has been shown to be rather, er, well, to be unkind… KOOKY. Unfortunately, data and evidence are not enough for this crowd, since their very theology seems to be at stake (always fragile ground upon which to make a political stand in a secular republic–just sayin).

That said, the “pray/prey away teh gay” crowd has had more luck in stifling comprehensive sexuality curricula in public schools by claiming any positive mention of queerness violates their religious beliefs–science, psychology, sociology and history be damned (as well as high rates of adolescent STDs, unintended pregnancy and the like).  Furthermore, since the 1980s, many states have passed “no promo homo” laws, which shut down any factual discussions of queer life and can also thwart GSAs in some states, EAA be damned.

Enter Christine O’Donnell, professional hairy palm fighter (Google her organization “SALT”), opponent of the dreaded gays and all manner of seeming moral turpitude, who last week managed to become the GOP candidate for US Senate in Delaware. While she’s about as factual as my cat Gilda, she is going to be singing this siren song of twaddle until November. It’s going to be a very interesting election season….



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