Posted by: Catherine Lugg | September 23, 2010

Gay families 1, professional homophobes 0

Yesterday, the 3rd District Court for the State of Florida ruled that Florida’s ban on “gay adoption” was not rational and that it violated the equal protection rights of Florida children to be adopted. Consequently, it is unconstitutional under the state’s constitution.

One of the central features of the court’s decision was the quality of evidence presented by the Florida Department of Children and Families. The state had hired professional homophobe, George Rekers, Distinguished Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science Emeritus, University of South Carolina School of Medicine; who argued that by definition, “homosexual parents” were unfit to parent children.

In yesterday’s court decision, the Florida District Court chastised Rekers for his sloppy citations of prior studies, pointing out that he misinterpreted studies to say something else, and included studies that were so flawed that they were eventually withdrawn from scientific journals (see Paul Cameron’s scary work). Basically, the court concluded that Rekers was not a credible witness for the State of Florida.

I suspect that the Florida Court was also aware of Rekers long history as a professional homophobe, as well his more recent history as a formerly closeted gay man. In May of this year, it seems that Dr. Rekers went on an European vacation, yet his wife did not accompany him. However, his quite fetching “Rent Boy” did. See Rachel Maddow’s take down.

For nearly 40 years, Rekers has peddled the lie that “homosexuals” are dangerously pathological, far too ill and criminal to be parents, educators, full citizens, etc. He has made quite a pretty penny spewing hate dressed up as science and social science, serving as a paid witness for a number of states, including Florida, for which he was paid $120,000 to spout falsehoods . Now, not only has Rekers been outed as a scholarly hack, he’s been outed as a hypocritical and deeply troubled gay man. Too bad his outing didn’t happen 40 years ago as he was gearing up a career based on hate….

For Florida and the rest of the US, the last law banning queers from adopting children is DOA. I am going to celebrate that another brick in the wall of state-sponsored homophobia is gone.



  1. […] might remember Mr. McCollum from the “Rentboy” scandal. Seems McCollum had the state of Florida pay psychologist and professional homophobe George Rekers […]

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