Posted by: Catherine Lugg | October 5, 2010

Where is Governor Christie?

It’s been less than a week since the world learned of Tyler Clementi’s sexual humiliation and suicide. But NJ Governor and former federal prosecutor Christopher Christie is nowhere to be seen–at least not in his home state. While he did make a seemingly heartfelt public statement on September 30, with cameras rolling, calling Clementi’s suicide an “unspeakable tragedy,” Christie’s been out of the state since then, campaigning for other GOP politicians as the latest GOP starlet. Perhaps, he is campaigning for himself (it is rumored that he’s exploring his own presidential ambitions).

Unlike President Obama who made multiple promises to the queer community, when Christie ran for NJ Governor, he consistently promised us the back of his hand. He’s strongly opposed to “gay marriage,” and promised to veto any marriage legislation coming from the state assembly and senate. Furthermore, he’s promised to work to amend the state’s constitution to ban “gay marriage” if the state supreme court justices ever rule the current scheme of Civil Unions to be constitutionally deficient. Christie’s also on record of being against ANY state recognition of queer couples, period. If he could find the votes in the senate and assembly, Christie would strip queers of our highly inadequate Civil Union protections.

Since Christie clearly acts as if queers are inferior, that we are less than real NJ citizens, and we are somehow morally deformed, he’s part of the toxic cultural brew of queer demonization that led to very suicide that he decried. No, Mr. Governor, you can’t campaign about the inherent inferiority and icky-ness of queers and then be SHOCKED, SHOCKED that queer kids in NJ commit suicide. You can’t recklessly use us as your rhetorical punching bag, as a case study of judicial overreach and moral decay, and then claim to be appalled at the callous behavior of Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei towards their gay dorm-mate/roommate. You’ve made the climate for queers much more hateful by your leadership, Mr. Governor.

Since you like to claim the mantle of the religious right, Mr. Governor, I’ll merely point out that “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.” You have as much blood on your hands as do Ravi and Wei. In your press conference, you wondered aloud about how Wei and Ravi could sleep at night. Well, given your record on civil rights and queers, how well do you sleep at night, Mr. Governor?



  1. […] client, particularly since said client was even attacked by that great advocate of queer rights, Gov. Chris Christie (total SNARK). So, the details that are revealed in this story are to bolster Ravi’s case. […]

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