Posted by: Catherine Lugg | October 9, 2010

Gay men tortured…

In New York City–Not in Iran, not in Russia. But nearly tortured to death in the good old USA. Please be advised, this is a horrific story.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems to be “open season” on gay men. This is just an appalling crime.

Worst of all? Clearly, these young men think that abusing queers is a perfectly legitimate activity. They full expected to get away with their crimes.



  1. […] a blood libel against queers (see Andrew Sullivan’s essay), the day after the news hit of the torture of 3 gay men in NYC, is beyond […]

  2. […] Suicide only makes sense if you believe queers, and especially young queers, deserve to be powerless, bullied, and tortured. Yet, I fear too many Americans believe this–because the bullies aren’t […]

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