Posted by: Catherine Lugg | October 16, 2010

3 Teens charged in bias attack

Three Mineola, NY, teenagers attacked a classmate on the bus, both on the way to and from school. They beat this 14-year old young man uttering anti-gay slurs because they suspected he was gay.


I would like to point out that words have consequences, Mr. Paladino. You have repeatedly demeaned and trivialized the lives and rights of gay men in particular, and all queers in general, in your quest to become Governor of New York. That you invoked a blood libel against queers (see Andrew Sullivan’s essay), the day after the news hit of the torture of 3 gay men in NYC, is beyond vile.

Quite simply, if you routinely demonize queers for supposed political gain, that makes you a homophobe, Mr. Paladino. What makes you particularly dangerous is that you’re a homophobe with a megaphone. You’re running for the executive office of one of the largest American states, and in the state with the most influential media market (sorry California). Mr. Paladino, you are actively poisoning the culture to hate and fear queers. Young men who are insecure with their own sexuality, will act on these fears, which you have helped stoke throughout your campaign–particularly last weekend. You should not be surprised that suspected queers are then beaten after you spew hated (and then tried, tried, and tried to explain).

On election day, I hope Andrew Cuomo beats you like a drum.


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