Posted by: Catherine Lugg | October 27, 2010

Constance McMillen wins again

McMillen is the young lesbian whose Mississippi school district first said “no” after Constance asked if she could bring her girl friend to the prom. Then, after the federal court ordered that she could bring her girl friend, the school supposedly canceled the prom, but actually held two, both off-site. The faux prom was for Constance and the school’s “special needs students.” The other prom was for everyone else.

The judge in the case has ruled that the school district must also pay McMillen’s legal team’s expenses, to the tune of $81,000.

Now, I doubt that school district is rolling in cash. But between the litigation costs, settlement costs, and now legal costs for “the other side,” their bigotry has cost them dearly.

And I’m still waiting for the parents of the involved special needs students to sue as well–because they also suffered discrimination based on disability. The adults who pulled off this scam are beyond despicable…..

HT: Joe.My.God.


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