Posted by: Catherine Lugg | November 21, 2010

A quick primer on heterosexual privilge

from the blogger, Tenured Radical.

BTW: I have to pay federal taxes on Mary’s health insurance, thanks to DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). There are a host of nuisance-to-substantial taxes and planning issues we have needed to address. The financial planning we’ve done has made the linear programming class I took ages ago look like basic math.

Also, we’re always a tad nervous when we head to South Carolina to visit relatives. Not because of SC’s “still on the books” sodomy laws that criminalize all queer identity, but that our Civil Union will be ignored if either one of us lands in the Emergency Room. Given my history of “falling down and going boom” it’s a legitimate concern. (if you have a crooked spine, you’re not going to have a stable sense of balance).

Anyway, please check out Tenured Radical’s post, which is spot on.



  1. I’m relatively new at this CU stuff. Hmm…not really relatively, more like “brand new.” We always carry a copy of our CU certificate with us whenever we travel, and there’s one in the glove box of each vehicle. Along with a note that says that the other is to be allowed into the ER should emergency occur. This will be our first year of filing taxes both jointly and separately. Ah, Federal Government, how I loathe thee…

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