Posted by: Catherine Lugg | November 23, 2010

More troubling behavior from AERA

In September, I had several posts regarding AERA’s mulishness regarding LGBT scholarship, in general, and LGBT youth in homophobic schools, in particular. The organization has a horrendous track record vis-a-vis queer people and our issues, and I’m not too optimistic regarding any positive changes occurring in the near future.

Well, it seems that the organization has again engaged in some truly jerky/asshattery behavior. This time, a very dear friend Donald Collins got clobbered. Donald has a blog post up about it, and he includes the e-mail evidence.

When did it become an acceptable professional norm of “the world’s largest research organization” to treat people like dirt? Is this behavior truly advancing the public good which is part of AERA’s mission?

Please check out Donald’s blog.

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