Posted by: Catherine Lugg | November 24, 2010

Shamlessly flaunting their sexuality

That is, shamelessly flaunting their heterosexuality.

Dan Savage comments on the story of a public elementary school teacher whose boyfriend proposed to her via the public school’s sign. He notes that if the story involved queers, the reporting would be:

Gay Teacher Gets Marriage Proposal On School Sign, Gay Teacher’s Gay Boyfriend Proposes On School Grounds, Gay Teacher Shows Off Gay Engagement Ring to Third Grade Students

Nope, no sarcasm there, no siree. One of Savage’s commentator’s then notes:

“When I read this article about how a woman’s boyfriend used her employer’s (a school) sign to propose to her and then how the kids later commented on her ring, I contrasted that with the fact that I can be fired if kids find out too much about my personal life. It’s flaunting their sexuality is what it is. And it’s the sort of double standard that straight people just don’t understand.”

The message this PUBLIC school is sending to queer and non-queer kids is that if it’s heterosexual love, you can use the instruments of state to trumpet it and you’ll even get a nice write-up in the local newspaper.

BUT if you are queer and fall in love, you had best keep it quiet. At best, this school is wildly heterosexist. At worst? Homophobic, perhaps aggressively so.

So much for equal treatment under the law queer kids (oh, that 14th amendment is so pesky).



  1. I tried to watch prime time teevee with my young kids earlier this week and found the flaunted sexuality so overt and overboard we had to give up after 20 minutes of surfing. I was going to write about it today, but another topic caught my attention.
    I was sure reminded of this post while we were watching the evening shows though.

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