Posted by: Catherine Lugg | November 30, 2010


Newsflash! The Pentagon has just released a survey of military personnel and their families regarding the potential for disruption if out queers served in the US Armed Forces.

The findings? For the most part, folks just don’t care. Any problems can be easily addressed by effective leadership. So, Secretary of Defense Gates has called for Congress to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

My initial reaction? “Well, *DUH!!*” to quote the kids. The DOD could have just asked other countries about their experiences with desegregating their militaries (the Canadians, the Israelis, the Brits, the Dutch, etc., etc., etc.).

Of course, professional homophobe John McCain will have an hysterical hissy fit and probably try to filibuster any repeal in the Senate, something that he’s already done once this year. And the repeal effort has stalled in the US Senate, precisely because there are too many haters in that chamber.

I sincerely doubt that DADT will be repealed in the current lame duck session of Congress. And President Obama isn’t about to go out on a political limb for queers. So, we’re going to see a certain amount of queer and anti-queer drama in the US Senate over the next few weeks, but nothing much of substance will occur.

Stay tuned…


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