Posted by: Catherine Lugg | December 3, 2010

A queer ally

who definitely had his Wheaties on this day.*  This is State Senator Ricky Hendon arguing in favor of Civil Unions for queer people who reside in Illinois.

While I wish the Illinois legislators had extended marriage benefits to queer people, particularly  since Civil Unions don’t work, Civil Union are better than NOTHING.

If only the spinally-devoid Congress members, Senators, and President were as committed to equity as Senator Hendon, we’d live in a far more just nation.

HT: Gay Americablog.

*Obviously, Senator Hendon is not adverse to strategically “outing” some of his colleagues. Take a bow sir.



  1. I suppose you’ve seen this already but just in case…

  2. Julia: Yes, I have seen it. Thanks for the post….

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