Posted by: Catherine Lugg | December 9, 2010

DADT repeal fails in US Senate

This is not exactly news. There was almost zero support from the White House on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and the GOP just had to talk the bill to death.

And so they did. I don’t expect this repeal effort to come up again until after the 2016 Presidential elections are concluded. Obama has made his one symbolic effort (highly ineffectual that it was) to repeal the much hated DADT. So, unless the US Supreme Court has a sudden miraculous vision of queer equity, I’m not hopeful at all on this one.



  1. […] Now, the bill goes to President Obama’s desk for his signature. I’ll have a more extensive blog post on this tomorrow, but let it suffice that I’m delighted that I’ve been proved absolutely WRONG by the US Senate. […]

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