Posted by: Catherine Lugg | December 22, 2010

Tyler Clementi’s parents plan on suing Rutgers

On Friday, Tyler Clementi’s parents filed papers on their intent to sue Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, over the sexual humiliation and then suicide of their son. From today’s Newark Star-Ledger:

Attorney Stephen DeFeo says it appears Rutgers failed to implement or enforce policies that would have prevented or deterred such acts.

I suspected this would happen, particularly after the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office had to file subpoenas to obtain administrative e-mails regarding Clementi’s death. As I noted on October 7, 2010:

I suspect Rutgers is stonewalling the Prosecutors’ Office because the RU’s leadership is terrified of any and all civil litigation over Tyler Clementi’s death. The informal word put out last week by Rutgers head honchos was that “Rutgers had done everything that could be done” to prevent Clementi’s suicide. I immediately interpreted that as “We screwed up, but we ain’t going to say so.”

The on-going gossip on the RU administration’s response to Clementi’s humiliation and suicide has been fairly scathing. If only 5% of this is somewhat accurate, it does not bode well for the leadership of Rutgers.

Stay tuned….



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