Posted by: Catherine Lugg | December 23, 2010

Gov. Christie and the NJ anti-bullying bill

It’s been a month since the NJ legislature sent a stiffened anti-bullying bill to Governor Christie’s desk for his signature.

And there the bill has sat….with no comment and no signature.

Now, Gov. Christie has not been shy about media attention. He recently scored a positive interview with CBS’s news show “60 Minutes,” and has been the conservative poster-boy for “austerity” at least when it comes to underfunding public services (less so when it comes to tax cuts for the rich). In fact, he’s picked up the nickname Gov Youtube, because flattering clips from his town halls quickly get posted to Youtube, even though at times he has behaved somewhat, like, well, er, like a bully.

As Ed Schultz notes:

Clearly, when it comes to right-wing talking points and economic policy, Christie is always in the limelight.

However, when it comes to better protecting queer kids in his own state, all we get is silence …. a studied silence. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll do a damn thing about this bill. It will become law, but without his signature, because it wouldn’t do for a GOP presidential wannabee to do the right thing on protecting queer children.

Stay tuned….



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