Posted by: Catherine Lugg | January 3, 2011

Dyson Kilodavis

Back in October, I commented on Dyson Kilodavis, his parents Cheryl and Dean, brother Dkobe. At the time I noted:

When Dyson first discovered his love of dresses and “bling,” instead of freaking out, his parents, Cheryl and Dean, started talking and listening. They educated themselves and are now educating other adults and children. Dyson’s mom, Cheryl, has even written the children’s book: My Princess Boy.

Clearly, Dyson’s parents and elder brother Dkobe are just fabulous as are his teachers. Furthermore, both his parents and teachers have had to “come out” to support this amazing child–not an easy task in a world that is particularly brutal to gender non-conforming boys. But Dyson is deeply loved by his entire family and school.

And so I ask those who believe Dyson should be put in society’s gender straight-jacket: Why are you so miserable? Why does this magnificent, joyous 5-year old scare you so very much?

And so today, Dyson was on the Today show. Enjoy!



  1. Every time I see this child and his parents, I am more hopeful for humanity. This tugs at my very heart. Thanks, Cath!!

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