Posted by: Catherine Lugg | January 6, 2011

Gov. Christie SIGNS sweeping NJ Anti-Bullying Law

Yesterday, NJ Republican Governor Chris Christie SIGNED the sweeping NJ Anti-Bullying law. Signed at the very last moment, the law mandates public school districts establish anti-bullying programs that include bullying based on sexual orientation and gender expression. It also imposes penalties upon district administrators who fail to act (HOORAY!).

This is a good bill, which had broad bi-partisan support in NJ.

I’ve been highly critical of Christie for letting the bill languish on his desk. While there was zero chance of him vetoing the bill (he’s mean as hell, but not stupid), I fully believed that the bill would become law without his signature.

Granted, his administration did not blow a BUGLE on his signing this bill (which is what Christie is wont to do on other legislation), but hey! That snow storm bungle has really hurt his national credibility. For Christie, it’s an important step away from looking like, well, er., like such a bully.

Take a bow, Gov, for doing the right thing for public education, even if you had to be pushed into it. I seriously doubt it will hurt your standing with the Protestant Right, and it is the right thing to do. Please do more of this.

Hat Tip: Joe.My.God.


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