Posted by: Catherine Lugg | January 16, 2011

The Golden Globes, Glee and me

I am absolutely delighted that the TV show “Glee” won the Golden Globe for best TV series, Comedy or Musical. Furthermore, two of the OUT stars of Glee also won Golden Globes. Chris Colfer won Best Supporting Actor in a TV series.  And Jane Lynch won for Best Actress in a TV series.

Now, for generations kids who’ve participated in music ensembles in their public schools have been known as “Choir Queers,” “Band Fags,” and so forth, and subjected to verbal and occasionally physical harassment.  Participation in musical ensembles was seen as intrinsically UNmannly, and more dangerously, as potentially “faggy.” These perceptions didn’t get much better if you went to college and actually majored in music.* The director of the elite choir of my undergrad routinely used the phrase “Men, women and tenors….” which is just a nasty put-down, even if it was supposedly a joke (uh-huh!). Such stigmatization has harmed the arts and children–not only those who actually participate in music, but those who would like to– and are literally chased away.

So, imagine my all-out-joy that a TV show that is all about a Glee Club/Show Choir is a major hit. Not only that, but it’s well done, scoring major theatrical awards. Furthermore,  “Glee” tackles issues of gender, sexual orientation, and school life. To put the icing on my big queer celebratory cake, two of the stars are actually out and PROUD queers. Well, I’m completely over the moon.

Then, Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech just completes my joy. ENJOY!

*I have 3 degrees in music. So there.


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