Posted by: Catherine Lugg | March 9, 2011

It was suicide

On January 18, 2011, I posted on the death of Lance Lundsten, which was initially considered a suicide. Yet immediately after Lundsten’s death, his father came out and said Lance died of cardiac edema, not suicide.

Since then, quite a bit of information has trickled out. For example, the Miltona, MN teen was NOT living with his parents at his time of death, but with his grandparents. It appears that his relationship with his parents was strained, at best. Furthermore, while the school district’s administration strenuously denied it, according to Lance’s friends, he was routinely bullied at school. So, we had a minor media battle: Lance’s father claiming it wasn’t suicide, and the district claiming Lance wasn’t bullied, while on the other side, Lance’s friends claiming he HAD been bullied and had probably committed suicide.

The clincher as to “who’s telling the truth” came out on Monday, March 7, 2011, when the toxicology reports came in.

The mystery surrounding the January death of Lance Lundsten, the Miltona teen whose controversial death sparked a conversation about teen suicide across the nation, has now been revealed by the Douglas County Medical Examiner.

Dr. Mark Spanbauer confirmed Monday, March 7, that the teen’s manner of death was ruled suicide. The toxicology report from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and MEDTOX, determined the cause of death to be a mixed drug ingestion, according to Spanbauer.

“It was a mixed drug ingestion and suicide was the manner of death,” Spanbauer said.

Furthermore, the corner dismissed the fiction that Lance died of an enlarged heart. It was, he said, a “secondary finding.”

Now, that the truth is finally out, I wonder what the school district will do. According to Timothy Kincaid at “Box Turtle Bulletin,” the high school Lance attended has “has no gay-straight alliance, has no inclusive anti-discrimination policy, and no acknowledgment of the existence of students like Lance or any provisions to address their need or concerns.”

And then there is Lundsten’s family of origin, or at least his estranged father, who was so intent on saying that Lance’s death was not by suicide, who repeatedly lied to anyone and everyone who would listen.

The research is damning on this point. If you don’t support your queer child, it’s going to be a tough road for both of you. If you actually bully your kid, you will bury your kid.

I am so angry about this situation, Lance’s death and pathological lying to deceive us about his life and death, I think a big old dose of queer attitude is in order. Please remember, this video is absolutely, positively not safe for work, so turn down your speakers.

HT: Julie at Schooling Inequality.



  1. Yup, yup, yup.

  2. Hey – just to add insult to injury you cant watch the awesome Fckh8 singers on the YouTube unless you’re over 18. Cuz you know…it’s obscene and all that.

  3. Oops – I thought you’d posted this song and fan video from the Big Fat Gay Collaborative

    which I L O V E….
    Also nsfw.

  4. Julie,

    That *IS* a darned catchy tune. MANY thanks for sharing!

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