Posted by: Catherine Lugg | April 8, 2011

Arkansas Supreme Court Dumps Gay Adoption Ban

On Thursday, April 7, 2011, the Arkansas State Supreme Court invalidated that state’s ban on “gay adoption.” The law also banned non-queer partners from adopting. As the court observed, such a law was patently unconstitutional.

“The choice imposed on cohabiting sexual partners, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is dramatic,” Justice Robert Brown wrote for the court. “They must chose either to lead a life of private, sexual intimacy with a partner without the opportunity to adopt or foster children or forego sexual cohabitation and, thereby, attain eligibility to adopt or foster.”

Generally, courts across the US take a very dim few of such restrictions on sexual freedom. Of course the nutters who brought this law, and who are completely obsessed by all forms of non-missionary position queer and non-queer sex, were most upset. The attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, Bryon Babione, who defended the law before the Arkansas Supremes, “The court placed adult sexual acts above the best interests of children.”

For the haters, the “correct” sexual identity is all about following religiously scripted forms of sexual behavior–if you don’t, you’re an apostate. And they firmly believe apostates shouldn’t raise children. Of course, the apostate category is so sweeping, they probably would ban all non-christians (as they define the proper noun) from raising children as well. In a secular democratic republic, that stance is real perversion. Glad to see the judiciary system of Arkansas is lead by sane secularists.



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