Posted by: Catherine Lugg | April 19, 2011

When a Queer is a dangerous homophobe

Last month, Montana State Representative Kristin Hansen (R-Hateful), led the attempt to repeal all municipal LGBT Civil Rights protection legislation. While this attempt failed, Hansen was playing to her tea-party base.

Well, according to the blogger, Joe.My.God, it appears Ms. Hansen is one seriously self-loathing queer. Here is a snip from the blog post:

She’s totally a closeted lesbian. So says my very trusted tipster who adds this about Montana state GOP Rep. Kristin Hansen: “She lives with a woman who she introduces to others as her ‘friend’ but has confirmed to a handful of people is her partner. The partner’s ex has also been telling people what’s up.” Hansen was first elected to office last year with the backing of the Tea Party.

Last month Hansen failed in her attempt to issue a statewide repeal of all local LGBT rights in Montana, a law that would have only affected the small town of Missoula, the one place in the state with LGBT anti-discrimination protections.

And if this is true, Hansen is headed to the Roy Cohn Hall of Infamy.

This would also demonstrate a classic case of Arendtian “thoughtlessness.” That is, when awarded with political power, this allegedly queer individual immediately went to work to make the environment of Montana (not exactly San Francisco, if ya know what I mean) EVEN MORE hateful towards queer people to appeal to her fanatical political base. But the research demonstrates that the more hostile the environment for queers, and queer kids in particular, the higher the suicide rate. Blinded by her own political ambitions, Hansen could not (or more likely, WOULD NOT) see the peril her actions would hold for the queer youth of her own state.

As I have said several times, while everyone has a right to the private life, you do NOT have a right to lethal hypocrisy. And now that we have some solid data linking environmental factors (like the social and political contexts) to whether queer kids might try to kill themselves, or not, well, let every hateful and self-hating homophobic politician be FLUNG head first from their oh-so-self-righteous closet.

Kids’ lives are depending that these lethally thoughtless clowns be outed.



  1. I am so with you on this one. She can remain in the closet only if her actions don’t impact on the lives of others. I think my libertarian father’s influence is seeping out as I get older.

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