Posted by: Catherine Lugg | May 7, 2011

The incredible world changing power of pro-gay speech

While I seriously doubt this will EVER be enforced if it passes, the state of Tennessee is debating whether or not public school teachers can say the word “gay” in middle and elementary schools. Now, Tennessee is not a leading light in public education, no matter the “Race to the Top” grant. Once  One would think the good state legislators would be more concerned with the high rates of childhood poverty, chronic underfunding of the public infrastructure and the like, but no. The good folks of the legislature are more concerned that public school teachers might acknowledge that there are “gay people” in our midsts who are upstanding citizens, contributed to the welfare of this country, played important roles in history, etc. etc. But no. Instead, they’d rather silence any and all possible discussions of “teh gay.”

This effort seems to be stalled in the state senate, and even if it would be passed and signed into law, it will never pass the judicial laugh test. So, the state of Tennessee is spending an inordinate amount of time and money trying to exhibit unconstitutional hatred towards queer people, but ultimately it will fail.

This entire situation does, however, underscore the fear and paranoia some US politicians have vis-a-vis queer identity, much less queer rights. That queerness, in and of itself, is so powerful that states (or at least Tennessee, maybe) must ban public school teachers from even mentioning the word “gay.” “Gay” must never be mentioned for entire world systems would crumble! Imagine that! If only we had turned the word “Gay” on Osama Bin Laden, he would have crumbled in a heap on September 12, 2001.

Perhaps those dainty folks from have the right attitude. Be warned. Like all of their other videos, this is positively, absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. So turn your speakers down and enjoy the show.



  1. freedom of speech and freedom of love can not be denied to anyone. GAY is not a 4 letter word hate is.

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