Posted by: Catherine Lugg | May 28, 2011

Some incredible courage for this holiday

I should be working on a number of projects, but instead, I’ve been web-surfing like mad today. And lo and behold I discovered a story that has simply rocked my world.

Janet Mock, a writer for has come out as trans. Not only that, but she’s made a video for the “It gets better.”

To be so successful and then to come out trans, well, it takes INCREDIBLE courage.

But to be this brave, it helps to have family support.  As Ms. Mock relates, she began taking illicit hormones when she just 15. But then her mom stepped in, and in a very supportive way.

But I knew that taking them without the supervision of a doctor was risky. I needed someone to monitor my progress. That’s when I finally confessed to my mom what I’d been doing. A single, working mother, she didn’t have the luxury or will to micromanage my life and allowed me to do what I wanted so long as I continued making honor roll. That was our unspoken deal. But the medical changes were different — she recognized that my desperation to be a woman was not just teen angst or rebellion; it was a matter of life or death. “If that’s what you want,” she said, looking me straight in the eye, “we’re going to do it the right way.” So she signed off on a local endocrinologist’s regimen of treatments, which involved weekly hormone shots in the butt and daily estrogen pills. For the first time, I could visualize heading off to college as a woman, pursuing a career as a woman. No more dress-up, no more pretending.

Very, very few parents of trans children are so incredibly supportive. Ms. Mock’s mother is also a real hero in this story.
Finally, I wish Janet Mock the very best. Trans people have a very difficult time in this gender obsessed culture.  May she continue to be supported by her mom and ALL the people in her world.
Major HT to Autumn Sandeen and Pam’s House Blend.

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