Posted by: Catherine Lugg | July 24, 2011

In a New York State of mind

Today, I’ve been watching events unfold as queers finally can be wed in New York State. And it’s been quite a lovely sight. What has really heartened me is the reporting, which has done a good job of showing just how DIVERSE our communities are. And when I see our queer seniors getting married, after enduring a lifetime of crap merely for being queer, well, I do get rather misty-eyed.

Now, that the State of New York has legalized “gay marriage,” these political debates will intensify in some locales, but the proverbial corner has been turned. NY State is a “major” state. Fond memories of Iowa aside, the population numbers are fairly stark. Iowa has roughly 3,000,000. By contrast, New York has 19,000,000 people. So, “gay marriage” is now open to more people than in the previous states and DC combined (!). I suspect the pressure is going to become acute in NJ. Our current governor, Chris Christie, has worn his hostility towards queer marriage as a badge of honor. But the NJ state court case has been revived and he may be eventually rendered irrelevant by the NJ Supreme Court.

So, here’s a bit of music to celebrate. I’m totally enjoying the warm glow of love flowing from just across the border.



  1. Okay, so I was hoping for a reprise of the Surprise Wedding Reception from 2009…

  2. Yes, the lovely gesture does need to be updated (*GRIN!*).

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