Posted by: Catherine Lugg | July 27, 2011

Dan Savage goes on the offensive

As many of you know, in 2003 Dan Savage made Rick Santorum’s last name a pretty mean “Google Joke” (please google “Santorum” if you don’t know). That it is still the #1 response low these 8 years later is very impressive. At the time, Savage Google-bombed then Senator Santorum when he compared queer people to humans who have sex with dogs (Gee, thanks Senator). To this day, some bloggers refer to the former Senator as “Man on Dog Santorum.”

Well, Mr. Santorum is now running for US President. And per usual, he’s making homophobic statements. Soooo, Dan Savage has a very funny response.  A word of caution: While I laughed until I cried watching this, it is positively, absolutely not safe for work. It may not even be safe for home, if anyone else is around. But this should take care of Mr. Santorum’s political career.


UPDATE:  Here’s why Savaage went on the offensive. Mr. Santorum is de-crying the advent of “gay marriage” in New York State at what sounds like an Iowa stump speech. All three people present applauded….


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