Posted by: Catherine Lugg | January 4, 2012

After the Iowa Caucus

Well, Mitt Romney won in a squeaker over professional homophobe Rick Santorum. Clearly, Romney has the money advantage, but Santorum seems to have won the hearts of the theocratically oriented.

Now, I lived in Des Moines from 1985 until 1991, and the results last night are classic Iowa GOP politics. The vote was pretty well split between the uber-Christianists and the Country Club Republicans (who are also largely Christian, but are NOT theocrats).

One big loser from last night was Michelle Bachmann, who took a drubbing. Besides being wildly homophobic, Bachmann was fervently incoherent on the campaign trail and was almost out of cash. Back in June of 2011, she announced she would NOT seek re-election, but she has time to change her mind. That said, I’m sure folks back home aren’t too pleased with her presidential focus (instead of focuses focusing on their needs).

The next primary is to be held next Tuesday, in New Hampshire, where I expect Romney to do much better. Santorum is low on cash and faces a less receptive audience that is famously libertarian.

So, fire up the popcorn popper and stay tuned. It’s going to be an interesting 2012.


  1. Don’t forget racist and closet elitist when describing Sanitarium, er, Santorum. He’s an equal opportunity bigot! You should serve either martinis or wine with your popcorn the next few weeks — once more down the rabbit hole!

  2. Mitt Romney accidentally sat down to chat with a gay veteran and his husband at a restaurant here in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago. The ensuing grilling was caught on camera and turned out to be pretty entertaining (at least for a few of us). It would’ve been a good time to have popcorn. One of Romney’s aides finally managed to rescue him but in the meantime he had a few awkward moments with a gay couple that he didn’t plan for and won’t soon forget. All the same, I understand he’ll probably do well here next week…

  3. Donald, yeah, Santorum is an equal opportunity bigot. It’s trouble when an over-stuffed non-queer white guy tells African Americans “how to be” politically, etc. (which he also does for all women and queers as well). The NH primary should be a blast to watch as Santorum runs into a wall.

    Then, there’s SC the next week, because I think Romney will get stomped if the turnout is good, or win because the more hard-core evangelicals decided to stay home.

    Onechicksjourney, thanks for the reminder on that interaction. Here’s the video (I hope it embeds).

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