Posted by: Catherine Lugg | February 4, 2012

Rolling Stone on the deadly anti-queer school district

The Anoka-Hennepin MN Public School District is located in the congressional district of professional homophobe, former GOP presidential candidate, and born-again congressional candidate Michelle Bachmann. Over the last few years, the district has had a rash of adolescent suicides, thanks to a lethal “no promo-homo” district policy that BARS any positive mention of “homosexuality’ by teachers, counselors, and administrators. It FORCES the adults to remain silent as queer kids experience rampant and unrelenting queer bashing.

Rolling Stone has just published the most detailed and in-depth story on the district I have yet to see. The reporter, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, has done a masterful job at unpacking just how lethal and evil this “no promo homo” policy has been.

Please go read it and see how an on-going culture war wrapped in supposed religious morality leads to a very real body count when it comes to our queer children. I double dog dare you to remain dry-eyed through the article.

A slight boy with an asymmetrical haircut speaks in a soft voice. “What this GSA means to me, is: In sixth grade my, my only friend here, committed suicide.” The room goes still. He’s talking about Samantha. The boy starts to cry. “She was the one who reached out to me.” He doubles over in tears, and everyone collapses on top of him in a group hug. From somewhere in the pile, he continues to speak in a trembling voice: “I joined the GSA ’cause I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to be nice and – loved.”


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