Posted by: Catherine Lugg | February 26, 2012

Some haters do die angry

For those of us who remember the late 1970s, it was when Anita Bryant and her then-husband Bob Green tried very hard to make our queer lives hellish. Ms. Bryant was the face of anti-queer hate legislation, as states and municipalities tried to roll back the meager gay-rights wins of the early 1970s. Yet their professional hatred of queers ultimately destroyed their own marriage and they divorced in 1980.

Green died recently. And as the Washington Post noted on February 23rd:

Mr. Green managed his wife’s rise to stardom as an entertainer and Florida citrus spokeswoman, then followed her into anti-gay activism, which ultimately destroyed their careers — and marriage in 1980. For more than 30 years, Mr. Green lived quietly, alone and resentful.

Please go read the entire article. Mr. Anita Bryant was an angry, bitter man.

A postscript: It appears that while Anita Bryant remarried, the angry and bitter Mr. Green never did. Uh-huh…..



  1. Yes, they do, often years before they actually die.

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