Posted by: Catherine Lugg | March 31, 2012

Santorum’s Freudian moment

For many of my Republican friends and family members, the current primary season has seemed to be unbearably deary, with none of the candidates really offering a compelling reason to vote for them EXCEPT they’re not that scary, Kenyan, Muslim, Socialist.  The current crop of presidential aspirants are CLEARLY not the first string for the GOP. At this point, they’re not even the Junior Varsity 3rd string. Are Romney (1 term gov), Santorum (lost re-election by nearly 18 points), Gingrich (forced out by his own GOP colleagues) and Paul (too crazy to pass legislation in 30 years) the BEST that the GOP has to offer the electorate? Really?

Former Senator Rick Santorum, whose last name will forever be a dirty joke (thank you Dan Savage!), has probably been the most thinly racist candidate, though Newt Gingrich has given him a good run for his money on that point. Until this week, when it seems that Santorum was a hair’s breath from blurting out what he REALLY thought about President Obama. Watch the video and think about what was probably rolling around in ol Rick’s brain.

Please just go home Mr. Santorum. Your 15 minutes ran out long ago.  You are embarrassing your future grandchildren by playing the Strom Thurmond card.

And to the national Republican Party: If this is as “deep” as your talent pool goes for presidential elections, the entire nation is in mortal danger from being done in by sheer bigoted incompetence. Really. The US deserves far better than this.

HT-Latish Reed.


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