Posted by: Catherine Lugg | April 18, 2012

Richard Land gets caught plagarizing

Richard Land, professional homophobe, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and current president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, seems to have been caught red-handed indulging in the virtue (?) of plagiarism, in a commentary on the death of Trayvon Martin. According to the story in US Today:

“The accusations of plagiarism started after a March 31 radio commentary by Land, broadcast from Southern Baptist offices at 901 Commerce St. in downtown Nashville.”

“… A Baptist blogger from Waco, Texas, found that those quotes, along with other long portions of Land’s commentary, were taken from a March 29 column by Jeffrey Kuhner of the Washington Times, titled “Obama Foments Racial Division.”

Aaron Weaver, a doctoral student at Baylor University who runs, said Land clearly plagiarized the comments. Weaver wrote about Land’s comments on his blog on Saturday and Monday.

“This isn’t someone stealing a few lines,” Weaver said in a phone interview with The Tennessean. “It’s his whole commentary. He was so smooth doing it — it has to be something he has done in the past.

Weaver later said that he found another case of alleged plagiarism in a Feb. 4 edition of Richard Land Live!, the Baptist’s leader radio program. In that case, Weaver found that Land took sections from a Washington Examiner editorial without attribution.

For decades, Land has been spreading positively vile lies about queers. So, we now know that the head of the SBC’s ethics division has problems with lying and stealing.

Just charming no?


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