Posted by: Catherine Lugg | July 10, 2012

The Episcopal Church may gain it’s first Queer Saint

Pauli Murray (1910-1985) was the first African American woman ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church (ECUSA). But she has also been nominated to be included in the church’s list of “Holy Men, Holy Women.” The blog Jesus in Love has the story. PLEASE check it out.

A fast political analysis, since this is my day job. If Murray is included, this will further enrage the conservative wing of ECUSA, which wasn’t happy when Murray was ordained (because of gender AND race). That she is made a saint where ALL of her identity is venerated (gender, race and gender/sexual identity), will have these guys completely unhinged. There will also be much teeth gnashing and gashing in the greater Anglican Communion, who isn’t happy about female priests, queer priests, much less an African American female queer saint.*

That said, as a confirmed Episcopalian (on good days) and Agnostic (other days), this is the right and rite thing to do. If Christianity is truly embracing of all of humanity, than saints can and should represent all of humanity. All that is needed, according to the theology, is for a human being to consistently answer God’s/Jesus’/Holy Spirit’s call to holiness.

Stay tuned…..

*Of course, there are all MANNER of queer saints, which is the point of the blog Jesus in Love. But it’s one thing to talk about St. Paul, etc., it’s another thing to venerate someone who was a contemporary.


  1. I was wondering how the veneration of Pauli Murray was being received by the conservative Episcopalians. Your post confirms my worst suspicions. So far her nomination seems to be overshadowed by issues of LGBT ordination and marriage rites at the General Convention.

    Thanks for including links to the Jesus in Love Blog. You are welcome to return to explore other queer saints there in the future.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog and especially got a kick out of the title of this piece you wrote: “Why’s a nice dyke like you embracing this post-modern crap?”

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