Posted by: Catherine Lugg | July 12, 2012

My intial reactions to the Freeh Report on Penn State

Clearly, Jerry Sandusky is a criminal loon who was allowed to sexually abuse boys for decades. But the real moral monsters are the former leaders of Penn State: Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Joe Paterno who did NOTHING to stop him or protect children.*

The fools are the Penn State Board of Trustees, whose collective membership was content to be spoon fed PSU pabulum about how great the university was, and refused to ask the hard questions of leaders that they were supposed to ask.

I’m still pondering the report, but what strikes me is the utter moral failure of the people involved.

I do have a caution: This is report was paid for by PSU, and Freeh and his associates did NOT have subpoena power. So, they could not compel individuals to divulge information. I suspect there are even more horrors, more pathology to emerge from this Pandora’s Box of an institution, to come once the civil litigation starts and the lawyers start requesting subpoenas.

*And Jay Paterno needs to get off the air. His father’s estate could be sued by victims and he is probably furthering the civil jeopardy.



  1. With each bit of news, this scandal and the depravity that has come with it gets worse. I feel for the victims most of all, of course. Penn State students and alumni as well. But there has to be more than words and outrage for folks to do.

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