Posted by: Catherine Lugg | July 16, 2012

Well, that didn’t take long

Soon after I posted the last entry, the Patriot-News has a story of more victims of Jerry Sandusky. These are from the 1970s or 1980s.

Today, current University President, Rodney Erickson, sent an e-mail to members of the PSU alumni association (I’m a life member–do NOT laugh), opining, “Time to heal. Time to comprehend. Time to trust. Time to transform. Time to regain what has been lost, and time to move forward.”

Nope, not gonna happen in the near future. Penn State can NOT move forward with institutional integrity until it confronts the ugly past—all of it. And it looks like some of it will be coming out not be on Penn State’s “redemption PR schedule.”

Stay tuned….



  1. Heard about this via ESPN radio here in DC earlier today. I said months ago that the trail has to go back decades. Which means someone at Penn State has likely known about this for decades also, one of whom we can no longer ask to be sure, because he willed himself to death after he was fired in November. Of course, some folks in the sports world (e.g., Phil Taylor of SI) already want to move on. Too bad for them — the full extent of this ugliness needs to be uncovered and all involved must be held accountable before Penn State can begin anew.

  2. The letter from Erickson was terribly disappointing. It convinced me that nothing will change and that they dont even get what the underlying problem is.

  3. Ed, At this point, who knows what Erikson knows. He was provost for some of this mess, so he’s not about to start kicking over rocks to see what crawls out.

    PSU really needs to STOP hiring PSU folks—for like 15 years. The institution is all so inbred—which is a typical PA cultural norm. It’s not really a joke (and I am my own distant cousin, and hail from just north of State College). The are willfully blind to what is before their very eyes. Also, that the institution has almost no processes in place to comply with the Clery Act speaks volumes (22 years after the fact!!!). If you like violence, you’re not about to be able to report on it to the feds.

    And Donald, you called this. Ideally, they’d run small version of the SA “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” But the entire staff of the athletic department and university upper administration would rather appear in drag shows for the next 15 years then go down that road.

    It’s so very shocking and not surprising in the least. State College/University Park remains the creepy town from Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.” See

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