Posted by: Catherine Lugg | November 25, 2012

A pretty cool ad from the Human Rights Campaign

Now,  I need to preface this entire discussion with the observation that I’ve NOT been a fan of the Human Rights Campaign, which has been about GAY and lesbian Civil Rights (they have stunk on Bisexual and Trans issues, lousy on race, and were just slightly less odoriferous on women’s issues). You gotta wonder about an organization that is ostensibly about LGBT civil rights that can’t even say the words in its name. You can imagine the decision making that when into picky the organization’s name:  “God, you wouldn’t want the mail carrier delivering our materials to think the recipient might be QUEER!”
That said,  HRC has a new ad out that is simply spectacular. A major plus is the narrator is Morgan Freeman, who has the “Voice of God” thang going on.  His vocal presence ads gravitas to the entire ad. It’s very well done.

So, take a bow HRC. I still haven’t forgiven you for endorsing Al D’Amato for NY Senator back in the late 1990s (over Chuck Schumer, for pete’s sake–a long term ally). But this is very well done.

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