Posted by: Catherine Lugg | September 25, 2013


A very sad update to the post on Cassidy Lynn Campbell, the trans homecoming queen.  According to John Aravosis, she’s been the subject of absolutely VICIOUS YouTube bullying. Her video is just heart breaking….

There are truly some stupid, evil and just HATEFUL people out there.  Telling a 16 year-old to go kill themselves is despicable. But I guess that sort of bile makes some folks feel like REAL men. Ick!!! This reaction gives lie to the notion that the US is the “land of the free, home of the brave.” Well, in this case, not so much.


  1. So sad. Yeah, I think the FFs were thinking about heterosexual and rich WASPs when they phrased this. Unfortunately, their ideological descendants haven’t gotten any smarter in the past 226 years.

  2. Yuck, there will always be vile people in this world who direct hatred towards others because they’re different in some way, and I find it particularly sad when it’s directed at younger people who are still developing the thick skin needed to survive these attacks. Diversity is something to celebrate rather than condemn. Big sigh………….

  3. I hope the community has surrounded her with support and she is not doing this alone. Any idea if the folks at Trevor are on top this??

  4. Cynthia, The Trevor Project hasn’t made any public statements, but if they are supporting Cassidy with any counseling, they really can’t say much directly. *SIGH!*

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