Posted by: Catherine Lugg | September 6, 2014

Not even I would go there…..

I have a reputation for cultivating a sarcastic tone in my scholarly tomes. But Judge Richard Posner, writing for the Majority of the Seventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, makes me look like a literary sissy. He applied the “Kitchen Magician” approach to legal writing, and SAVAGED both Wisconsin and Indiana for barring same-sex marriage.” Here’s but ONE delicious example:

“Heterosexuals get drunk and pregnant, producing unwanted children; their reward is to be allowed to marry. Homosexual couples do not produce unwanted children; their reward is to be denied the right to marry. Go figure.”

Clearly, this REAGAN-ERA appointee has had it with the legal “reindeer games” played by the homophobic political leadership of certain states. The entire opinion is a harsh trip to the legal and policy wood shed. Or as Charles P. Pierce opined:

On Thursday, federal judge Richard Posner was remarkably plain-spoken in his decision that overturned anti-marriage equality laws in both Indiana and Wisconsin. And when I say  “overturned,” I mean “tore into tiny pieces, lit on fire, and fed through a wood chipper and into an acid bath.”

Bwahahahaha!!!! I think even the majority of judicial conservatives are sick of state-sponsored homophobia, and will write accordingly. Please go read his decision. It won’t be overturned, though he’s baiting Scalia to try.


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