Posted by: Catherine Lugg | March 14, 2017

Penn State, again

Finally, Tim Curely and Gary Schultz, the disgraced former Athletic Director and Vice President pled guilty yesterday to the charge of child endangerment. Originally, they were also charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy. The plea deal, where they copped to misdemeanor charges, probably means they will not serve ANY jail time–though they could be sentenced to at least 5 years.

But, let’s get real. It’s Penn State football and these guys are white elites. And even though their lack of action meant that poor young boys were raped, these guys aren’t going to jail. Heck, Curley and Schultz aren’t even convicted felons, so they’ll keep their public pensions and any professional licenses.

We’re getting a loooooong lesson on just how is held accountable when those in-charge engage in long-standing felonious behavior., in the end.



  1. That penultimate sentence needs some work. Having said that, my faith in the U.S. system of justice, vastly eroded over the years, has nearly vanished. Compare these actions to the apparently capital offense of selling individual cigarettes.

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