Catherine Lugg is a professor of education in the Department of Theory, Policy and Administration, Graduate School of Education, at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Her research interests include educational politics and history, and the influences of social movements and political ideology have on educational politics and policy. More generally, she obsesses about schools, politics and culture from a pointedly queer theoretical orientation.

Her research has appeared in Educational Policy, Educational Administration Quarterly, the Journal of School Leadership, the Journal of Educational Administration, School Leadership and Management, the Journal of Curriculum and Practice, the American Journal of Semiotics, Pennsylvania History, and Education and Urban Society. She is also the author of two books, For God & Country: Conservatism and American School Policy (Peter Lang), and Kitsch: From Education to Public Policy (Falmer).


  1. Would you add an rss feed for memory-deprived readers?

  2. I’ll give it a shot. I’m very new to blogging and with this weekend’s workshop behind the 8 ball on my regular job. So, I’ll get to setting up an RSS feed later this week.

  3. Hi Bob:

    I’ve fiddled with my site. Please let me know if the RSS feed works.

  4. Super! Thank you!

    I will inform Sherman. 😉

  5. Hi Dr. Lugg,

    Amazing blog! Really enjoying it…..

    See you soon!


  6. You say Carmina, I say Carmana, You say Burina, I say Burana… 🙂 You gave me my favorite musical joke ever… I’m really glad to see that you are doing well! – Jim Van Dorn 🙂

  7. Hi Dr. Lugg, I’m reaching out to see if there is a better email address to reach you at than your Rutgers one? Gary and I have just sent you an email there. Thanks!

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